Caffeine TV
All good things come to an end.

We're at the point where we are still not quite profitable, so we've made the decision to end the service as of June 26th as we figure out our next steps. It has been a wild ride, with quite a few achievements along the way:

  • We built a world class streaming platform that has grown to 61 million monthly users and 4 million per day.
  • Aggregated 200 sports partners across 17 categories of sports.
  • Explored virtual gifting, subscriptions, PPV and advertising business models, and every shade of gray in between.
  • Built a world class team, world class board, and world class set of investors.
  • Created a unique and disruptive angle for live streaming sports.

We've had a huge impact on the industry and will again soon, in a different way. Many, many thanks to all involved. We'll remember this for life.