Caffeine Caster Program

Caffeine Caster is designed to help you build your streaming community on Caffeine. We make it easy to meet other creators, provide incentives to hit milestones, and unlock $$ rewards.


Show off your status.

A unique Caster badge will appear next to your username, helping you to stand out as a dedicated member of the community.

Get promoted

We design special opportunities for you
to be featured on Caffeine and our
social media.

More ways to earn.

We design special Caster challenges where you can earn cash prizes every month.

Exclusive swag

A Caster enamel pin for those who have broadcasted on Caffeine for a year or more.

Join the community

Gain access to our exclusive Caster Discord, where you can connect with fellow creators and Caffeine staff.

How do I become a Caster?

To achieve Caster status, you must complete the following requirements within the calendar month:


Broadcast at least 10 hours


Broadcast on at least 8 different days*


Hit an average of at least 5 viewers across all broadcasts**

*Must be live for a minimum of 30 minutes to qualify
**This is calculated by taking the total length of time that viewers watch your broadcast divided by the total length of time that you are broadcasting.

The following minimum requirements also apply:

At least 100 followers

No bans or offenses on your account

Must be at least 13 years of age

Opt in Period

Caster status is granted at the beginning of each calendar month. Caster status will automatically be granted to your account within 10 days of the new month.

I hit the requirements. Now what?

You will see your Caster benefits within 10 days of the beginning of the calendar month.

How much time do I have to complete my requirements?

You have until the end of each month to complete the Caster requirements.

For example: If you hit all the requirements to be eligible for the Caster program on January 17th, you will see your badge on your account within the first 10 days of February. This will be automatically granted to your account.

If you do not make the Caster requirements by January 31st, you will start over on February 1st and attempt to complete the requirements within February.

How do I check my progress towards the Caster program?

Check your weekly dashboard report emails delivered on Mondays, to see where you stand for Caster status. Qualified streamers will receive an email on the 1st of the following month when you have completed the requirements above and will be able to to fill out a Caster application form.

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