Community Guidelines

At Caffeine, community comes first. Everything we do is in service of building relationships between our amazing creators and their friends, fans, and followers in safe and encouraging ways. With that quest in mind, we require certain levels of positive and supportive behavior from the community. Users who don’t participate in our community in a positive way may be suspended or permanently banned (by way of the legendary ban hammer) from Caffeine.


  1. Treat each other (and yourself) with respect.
    1. Inappropriate content
      1. If you plan on broadcasting mature-rated content (ESRB “M”, PEGI “18”, or CERO “18”), will engage in adult behavior (like responsible drinking or smoking), or tend to have a potty mouth while broadcasting, label your broadcast “17+.”
      2. Unless a broadcast is marked “17+” by the broadcaster, avoid offensive language.
      3. Don’t criticize or target anyone by their race, ethnicity, nationality, language, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, economic status, or education.
      4. No pornography, pornographic imagery, or anything that is overly sexual or intentionally provocative, including games on the prohibited list, what you’re wearing, or how you position yourself relative to the camera.
      5. No controversial or confrontational religious content.
      6. Nothing showing or promoting animal abuse. We love animals and they love us.
    2. Harassment/Trolling
      1. Everyone should be able to enjoy Caffeine. Don’t degrade others or negatively impact their experience on Caffeine.
      2. Don’t target or harass specific users or groups of users. Bullies are not welcome -- make like a tree and leave.
    3. Doxxing
      1. Don’t distribute anyone’s personal information, either on broadcast or in chat. You may be breaking the law and endangering someone’s safety.
      2. Don’t share your own personal information. It’s not safe. Staff will never ask you for your personal information or credit card in a broadcast.
    4. Self-destructive behavior
      1. No joking about suicide. It’s not funny, and may cause someone in the community to take steps to try to save you (like call your local police). If you or someone you know is in need of help or advice, please use the links below to talk to someone. We care about you. ❤️
        1. US:
        2. International:
        3. UK:
      2. No violence or realistic weapons of any kind. Lightsabers must also have an orange tip.
      3. Be safe while broadcasting. Broadcasting while driving is strictly prohibited because it’s dangerous and often against the law.
    5. No scams/spam
      1. Don’t spam others or distribute unsolicited advertising, including promoting your own broadcast in someone else’s chat.
      2. Don’t post information that is false or otherwise misleading.
    6. See Something Say Something
      1. We are counting on you to let us know if you see something on Caffeine that violates the law. We urge you to use the Report feature if you see any of the following:
        1. Violence or threatening violent acts against any member in our community or employees will be reported to the appropriate authorities
        2. Threats of Suicide or Self-harm
        3. Terrorism or violent extremism
        4. Abuse/Harassment
        5. Hateful Conduct
      2. If you are unable to use the Report feature on Caffeine, please feel free to contact us:
        1. Email
        2. DM Caffeine Staff or Moderator on Discord
    7. These guidelines also apply to broadcast titles.
  2. Username
    1. Usernames may not be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, overtly sexual, contain offensive language, or be otherwise inappropriate, including “angry usernames”, like “[Insert Name] sucks”. That’s not the tone we want for our community.
      1. We appreciate how clever you are in creating a pun or funny version of something offensive and/or banned, but we don’t allow usernames that are intended to mimic or promote any type of prohibited content.
    2. Don’t impersonate anyone.
      1. Don’t choose a username that suggests any official connection with Caffeine, including usernames containing the word “caffeine” or the names of Caffeine staff members.
      2. We have and will have plenty of users who are either offline celebrities or have established fan bases on other broadcasting websites before they discovered our fantastic community. Don’t harass them or try to fool their audience. If Tom Hanks, or his buddy Wilson, wants to broadcast on Caffeine, and your name isn’t legally Tom Hanks, we are going to hand it over to him in a beautiful and ornate loot chest. Make yourself legendary with a fresh new name!
      3. Don’t incorporate trademarks you don’t own. If you don’t work for Pepsi, you shouldn’t have Pepsi in your name.
  3. Don’t break the law:
    1. We take SWATting extremely seriously and will report suspected instances to the authorities. Don’t do it. Getting banned from Caffeine will be the least of your problems.
    2. No content that promotes or encourages terrorism.
    3. Don’t broadcast illegal drug use, underage drinking, or any other irresponsible behavior connected with drinking or drug use (such as drinking and driving).
    4. We will contact and assist authorities when appropriate.
  4. Only broadcast what you created or what is permitted by the copyright owner:
    1. Don’t broadcast closed alphas/betas. You have been given a gift from the developer. Don’t make them regret it. Besides, it’s cool to see games before anyone else!
    2. Only broadcast content that you have the right to broadcast. Do not share any video you didn’t create unless you have specific rebroadcast rights (just because you paid to watch a pay-per-view wrestling match doesn’t mean you have the right to share it with people outside of your living room).
    3. If a game publisher doesn’t allow broadcasting of a particular game, it’s off limits.
  5. Protect and properly use your account. Don’t login to anyone else’s account or let them log into your account.
  6. Do not create or use browser extensions that affect the features and performance of Caffeine. While your intentions may be good, the code may create a serious security risk for your fellow users, exposing their devices and browsing activities to those with bad intent. Plus, as we continue to release new features, extensions may interfere with their proper functionality.
  7. Help us build a strong community:
    1. We are counting on you to help us maintain a positive and welcoming community. If you see something that doesn’t look right, flag it for us, and we’ll try and check it out.
    2. You are responsible for everyone appearing in your broadcast, including someone providing voice commentary into your broadcast via Discord or other audio sources. Take actions to make sure your friends don’t cause you to violate the Caffeine Community Guidelines. If they do, make sure you really want them on your friends list.
    3. Suspension evasion is not allowed. Avoiding suspensions by using alternate accounts will result in a permanent ban.
    4. Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see! We’re building Caffeine for you.
    5. Be positive, be cool, make the world a better place.

These guidelines are not intended to replace or revise anything in the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy you’ve agreed to by using Caffeine, and which we encourage you to read again.

Last Updated: May 24, 2018